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Kundli, also known as horoscope or janam patrika, is the structural life plan of an individual. It represents the position of the planets, stars, sun and moon at the time of your birth. Kundli is considered the most important document in astrology. Astrologers refer to your janam kundali to analyze, elucidate and solve issues impacting your personal and professional life. The twelve houses of Kundli signify several aspects of the life of the native, along with physical traits, interests, and features. 

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In Indian Vedic Astrology, there are twelve houses, and each one of these has its own meaning. These 12 houses are divided into four 'bhavas'. The division is as follows:

  1. Dharma (Duty) - 1st, 5th and 9th house. The need to find our own way and motive.
  2. Artha (resources) - 2nd, 6th and 10th house. The need to obtain the essential resources and abilities to provide for ourselves to attain our path and motives.
  3. Kama (pleasure) - 3rd, 7th and 11th house. The need for gratification and enjoyment.
  4. Moksha (liberation) - 4th, 8th and 12th house. The need to find liberation and erudition from the world.


A Kundli can be used to predict your professional life, business ventures, finances, wealth, and investments. It also points out the preferable career choices depending on one's true potential one can make for a prosperous future. It is mainly used for marriage purposes. 


At the date of birth, time and place, there is a certain astronomical pattern in the universe. This model is recorded from a perceptible geographical point. It is a representation of our past, present, and future- a way for us to know every crucial event and milestone beforehand. This documentation of the planet-earth-sky pattern at the time of your birth is known as the birth chart or Kundli Chart. Through this Kundli, house divisions and ascendant are indicated. 

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  1. Analyzing - The primary step is to analyze the Kundli chart or birth chart by learning the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology.
  2. Synthesizing - the multiple meanings or contradictory interpretations using divisional charts. Kundli Dasha and different horoscope analysis techniques to attain a self-consistent whole.
  3. Forecasting - Prognostication temperament events and behaviour over time supported on the above two kundli analysis ways.
  4. Applying Corrective Measures -  They are required to enhance the quality of a Kundli for a particular dosha or malefic planet and consequently enhance a person's life.



Ques - What is sade sati?

Ans - Sade-Sati is the ​71⁄2 years-long period of Shani. The period of Sade-sati starts when the planet Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the moon's zodiac sign at the time of the birth of an individual.

Ques - What are the remedies for sade sati?

Ans - It is anticipated that worshipping Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman greatly reduces any malefic effects of Sade Sati.

Ques. Can kundli help to predict the future accurately?

Ans - Yes, Kundli can help to predict the future.

Ques - What is the significance of Rahu in the horoscope?

Ans - Rahu and Ketu do not have any physical and visual existence. Rahu is considered the most powerful planet and has been allotted the status of a planet by our Rishis.

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